James & Co Professional Writing Services

December 19, 2009

My Intoduction

The name ‘blogs’ used to amuse me a lot.  I was not much aware about the term and its uses until four years ago. I got into blogs, wrote blogs, edited them, started maintaining blogs for others for a pay and here I am working and earning my living on something that I that was completely alien to me few years back.

Allright, for my readers, this is what I do. I am a professional writer providing my talent for those who do not time to write their own content and those who are not so well versed in English to be writing articles for themselves.

My services include:

1. SEO articles.

2. Academic Writing for students and teachers. Includes term papers and assignments.

3. Rewriting articles

4.Writing and maintaining blogs for companies to promote their business.

5.Research Papers

6.E books.

7.Business Proposals and Letters.

8.Product reviews.

And it goes on and on. So in case any of my readers need my help, please contact me. I can handle any bulk orders as I have a team of 30 people interviewed and handpicked by me for your writing needs.


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